Safety is a primary concern for every driver, and  EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE addresses safety with many products and systems focused on improving driver safety, available in our showroom in Manchester, CA. 

Safety Products and Systems

While many vehicle manufacturers have incorporated safety features into models as standard or optional features, our technicians can install full-featured advanced safety systems into your existing car or truck: 

Continuously scan for imminent hazards
Display the surrounding area behind you
Alert you when a car is in your blindspot
Warn you of obstacles behind you, avoiding accidents or injury
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We Carry Only the Best Brands for your Safety

Your safety depends on reliable products, so we carry and install products only from the best manufacturers: 


EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE can equip your vehicle with features that enhance your safety and driving experience. Stop in to visit us at the EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE showroom in Manchester, CT and our friendly staff of sales personnel and technicians will demonstrate our entire selection for you. 

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