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Protect your investment!

Now that you have the vehicle that’s right for you, you need to protect your investment with the security of a modern, sophisticated car alarm. Next to your home, your vehicle is probably your most prized possession. The FBI reported in 2014 that a car is stolen every 46 seconds in the US alone.

Extreme Audio can help you wade through the options and technical features of today’s robust automotive security systems to find the one that will give you protection and peace of mind.    


Combining Car Alarm Quality and Features

Today’s automotive security comes with many features. EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE provides you with top-quality brands that incorporate the latest technology from such recognized suppliers as COMPUSTAR & DRONE Mobile.

Our technicians can not only help you select the right alarm system for your needs and budget but can also provide professional installation and instructions on the system’s features and use. 

What Features Do you Need?

Most car alarms will at least sound a warning to passers-by if your vehicle is disturbed or tampered with. Taking security to the next level, modern alarm systems can also: 

  • Alert you remotely, even allowing you to take actions such as locking the engine to prevent theft 

  • Integrate with remote door lock functions 

  • Initiate panic mode, including flashing the headlights 

  • Add remote start features for those cold mornings 


Technology in car alarms and automotive security has come a long way in recent years.  EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE technicians can help you find the right high-quality alarm with the features that are right for you. Technicians and experienced sales personnel at the EXTREME AUDIO & PERFORMANCE showroom in Manchester, CT truly understand automotive security. Stop in and see how we can provide the security and professional installation you’re looking for. 

MORE INFO: Security Alarm Systems and Remote Starters

If you’re concerned about the security of your vehicle, you may want to consider adding a remote-controlled alarm system for an added measure of protection. Many alar systems also offer convenience features that aren’t offered in alarm systems included from the car maker.

A basic security system includes a remote control or a smart phone app, which you can use to turn on and off the security system from outside the car and also includes sensors to indicate if a door, the hood or the trunk has been opened while you’ve been away. Additional sensors can detect attempts to break the glass or to move the car. If any of these events are detected, the alarm system will sound a loud siren to call attention to the break-in attempt and will render the vehicle inoperable while the siren is sounding.  Some systems include 2-way communication to alert you to the attempt through the remote control or smartphone app. 

In the even that your car is stolen, an alarm system working in conjunction with a GPS tracking system can help the police locate and retrieve the car. Your insurance company may give you a break on your premiums if one of these devices is installed in your car. 

In addition to enhanced security, alarm systems offer several useful convenience features.  Remote door and trunk unlocking are common convenience features. A remote starter will allow you to start the car so the air conditioner or heater can cool or heat the interior before you arrive. When the car is started remotely, the security system is still active, so even though the car is running, security isn’t compromised. These features can be activated using a remote control or even a smartphone app. 

If your car includes a security system installed at the factory, you may be able to add features like remote start to the factory alarm system. Many new security systems are designed to integrate with the factory alarm system to provide additional sensors for enhanced security and additional convenience features, too. 


Extreme Audio & Performance are trained experts and can recommend the right system for you that will include: 

Impact Sensing
Electronic shock protection alerts upon impact such as glass breakage.

2-way Paging
Be notified of vehicle disturbances instantly in your home or office.

Perimeter Sensing
Keep unwanted bodies out of your open air vehicle.

GPS Tracking
Pinpoint your vehicle's (or teenagers) location at all times.

Keyless Entry
Enjoy the convenience and safety of unlocking your doors and trunk remotely.

Remote Start
Get a head start on the extreme weather from the comfort of your home.

Remote Vehicle Operation
Control vehicle functions such as door lock/unlock or engine starting by phone or internet.

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