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Hello, I'm Rob Lewis owner of  Extreme Audio and Performance also known as "EAP" in Manchester, Connecticut. 20 Years ago a very good friend of mine and I began a business Called "Pirate Radio" in Vernon, Connecticut. Business was great and we put car audio on the map in this part of CT, as well as building great sound systems, as this was and still is our passion in our lives. Several years later I decided to part ways and I went on to build my own store now known as Extreme Audio & Performance. During the years following my separation from my partner, myself and a large group of great customers and friends started in the car audio circuit of IASCA, USAC, and SLAPS, building awesome sound quality cars in our shop sponsored by JBL and many other companies, that not only sounded great but also won many car audio competitions that took even one of our cars to the USAC World Finals! We were known all over New England for our great sound quality cars and awesome installs! Also in 1998 I and several inspiring friends started to build an SPL Car "THE VW GULF!"

This car also won over 50 first-place trophies and made numerous State championships in CT, MASS, and NY, over the next several years. This car not only Toured NE, but was also went to world finals and was featured in the STINGER BOOTH.  This car also featured on WFSB Channel 3 with Dan Kane, also featured in a 5 page write up in" AUTO SOUND & SECURITY". We were also World Record holders with a SPL record in the 0-1000 PRO Class of 169.8 Decibels at Shay Stadium in NEW YORK  in July of  2000.


I was also the JBL Feature for 2 years in "all" car audio magazines across the United States, this was a great feeling to be recognized in the car audio industry! This car turned many young adults, and big ones too into car audio enthusiast, and inspired them to get into car audio at our store. Times have changed, but EAP still grows with the industry as we see new things in the car audio world everyday we aim high to take your car to new levels with Navigation, Bluetooth Hand free devices & iPod to car and so much more to come!To this day My life is all about car audio, my customers and making sure that car audio lives on in today’s young and old, no matter who you are "WE ALL LOVE MUSIC."

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